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About Karlessa

             Virtuous woman of God! Karlessa Beach. Business owner and now recording artist hails from Grasonville, Maryland.  She is much like King David, overlooked by many but called and chosen by God to the forefront to accomplish his will. Karlessa has allowed God to take her life of abuse, neglect, rejection and so much more to be transformed into a ministry of Love and Healing. When Karlessa sings she bares her Heart, Soul and Love for the Lord with every note. Fulfilling the prophetic assignment given to her to birth forth songs of healing to hurting people.

            Since stepping out in Faith and Obedience Karlessa has released three CD’s. Her unique sound is fresh and Soulful with traces of both Jazz and R&B. Her debut CD “Living A New Life” was released in June of 2010, her sophomore CD “The Process” was released in February of 2012 and “In A New Place” was released in May of 2017. Karlessa’s music transcends age, race and gender barriers to all who hear. Allowing her to minister both to those in the church and those who may never step into the church. This woman of God has directed many to the answer to all, GOD. Since accepting her calling and beginning this journey God has guided her ministry. Opening doors for her to minister through music in Maryland, Delaware, Washington D.C and New York.

            The listeners have discovered a multi-talented singer and song writer. Most importantly her life reflects that which she sings about. To know her is to love her and the Spirit of God that dwells with in her. Her stand and relationship with God has led many to seek a relationship with or to return back to God. Her favorite saying speaks volumes of her character “ TO GOD BE THE GLORY”.

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